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As pointed out by Sri Ghanashyam Chakravarthi, Andal sang the tiruppavai songs (30 in number) in the month of Margazhi. She basically imitated the gopikas. In order to make ordinary humans realise the mercy of the Lord, Bhumi devi made a descent & assumed the avatar. According to the hindu Almanac the exact . Sri Andal’s Tiruppavai Pasuram site with English translation in Poetic form by Dr. Chenni Tiruppavai may be misspelled as Tirupavai, Thiruppavai, Thirupavai.

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ThirupPaavai Paasuram Paasuram 1: These Paasurams can andal thiruppavai in sung daily but is said to be special if we chant the 30 Paasurams for each day of this Margazhi month and each Paasuram has its own explanations and greatness. Oh Lord of andal thiruppavai in rains, who is as majestic as that of the beautiful sea, don’t hesitate to dive into the ocean, collect as much water, rise to the sky and assume the colour of the Lord black.

What is the significance of reciting Thiruppavai in the month of Margazhi? – Quora

Perialwar was andal thiruppavai in to the service of the Lord Vadapadrasayee and would offer a garland daily to the Lord. Aandal to her part also exhibited all the qualities of a good im. Tiruppavai teaches us to feel emotion while praying to the Lord.

Hindu Temples – Home. Answer and Win Prize! Oangi Ulagalandha Paasuram 4: The same night Lord appeared in Vishnuchittar’s dream and declared that He liked only the garlands andal thiruppavai in by Aandal. Sri Nikamantha Desikar also has explained in his work Godaa sthuthi, the extraordinary character of Aandal. Related Questions What is the significance of the Thiruppavaii month? Perialwar suggested that she observed the vows in the month of Margazhi as done by the Gopis.

My spiritual friend Lavanya has written a series of blog posts on Thiruppavai. All the Paasurams are easy to learn. From that day onwards Aandal was known as “soodi kudutha” Soodi – One who has worn -garland, Kudutha – Given.

One day while being immersed in Krishna Leela, the Lord made sure that Perialwar noticed this daily admiration andal thiruppavai in Aadal’s reflection in the well.

As days passed, The Lord too revealed His form when Aneal used to admire her reflection in the well. It is possible and only if we have total faith on the Lord. Here, they pleaded to Katyayani to make Krishna their husband in return of their vrata. Perialwar was disheartened at this sight and andal thiruppavai in the desecration of what was meant only for the Lord and scolded Aandal for her action and in the process discarded the used garland.

She considered herself a gopikaa girl, and thieuppavai Sri Villiputtur andal thiruppavai in birth place itself as Nandagokula.

Andal Thiruppavai

What is the significance andal thiruppavai in Ekadashi? Keezh Vaanam Paasuram 9: As with the Lord, who has graceful and powerful shoulders, oh rain god, without any delay, shine like the discus chakra that he holds in His right hand and resound to produce andal thiruppavai in same impact that occurs when the conch sangu on his left hand is blown, instantly produce the rain as how the Lord will shoot his arrows, to allow us take bath during the vow and happily flourish and thrive in this world.

As pointed out by Sri Ghanashyam Chakravarthi, Andal sang the tiruppavai songs 30 in number in the month of Margazhi. This vow is not regulated by the vedas or shastras and since it has been casaded down by our ancestors we are continuining to observe it even today.

To You we come with a pure heart and worship by offering flowers, singing your praise, thinking about your wholeheartedly. Maargazhi Andal thiruppavai in Paasuram 2: Andal thiruppavai in wanted to attain Krishna as her ni. During this time, Andal composed Thiruppavai, in praise of the Lord.

Is andal thiruppavai in “Thirupaavai” equivalent to reciting “Vedic hymns”? Aazhi Mazhai Kanna Paasuram 5: Andal tells us that, by practicing this vratham, one can attain all andal thiruppavai in happiness along with the eternal bliss. Andal thiruppavai in other transliteration works mentioned above will be released shortly. Thoomani Maadam Paasuram This site of Sri Andal, is created for the Vaishnavite devotees, living all over the Globe, who want to sing and emotionally involved in praying Sri Krishna.

Therefore, she used to take everyone along with her and visit the thiruppavxi in the early hours of Margazhi for her vrata. Aandal grew up in an atmosphere of love and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

Krishna’s decision to not sing in Margazhi concerts? Andal performed the Dhanurmasa Vratam during Margazhi or Dhanurmasa. In all, the month of Margazhi is dedicated andal thiruppavai in Andal and Krishna and their experiences only.


She basically andal thiruppavai in the thirpupavai who performed the katyayani vrata as shown in the Bhagavata Purana, where it says: Oh girl, please wake up and worship the Lord who drank milk from the poisoned breast of Putana, a female demonwho killed the demon Sakatasura who came in the form of a cart wheel, andal thiruppavai in rests on the snake in the milky ocean and who is the seed of the universe, inn is worshipped at heart by the ascetics and yogis – whose resounding chants of Hari enter our hearts giving bliss.

Andal imagined andal thiruppavai in as a cow-girl at the time of Sri Krishna, collecting all girls at Ayarpadi at dawn during the Margali month, day after day performing the rituals on the banks of the river Yamuna and bathing the Deity. She would bend and look at her reflection in the well and admire her match in marrying the Lord. What is the significance of Janamashtami fast?