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Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Tanqeed The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Dec By M.A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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And here is our take on its top 5 most interesting parts.

During the present phase of our inquiry damaging evidence has come on the record regarding the ill repute of General Niazi in sex matters, and his indulgence in the smuggling of Pan.

Many insightful recommendations were made by the Commission hamoodur rehman commission report in it recommends to hold the public trial for the President General Yahya Khan, also the Commander-in-Chief and the chief martial law administrator of both East and Pakistan in western side.

Niazi, namely, whether he was a Theatre Commander or merely gamoodur Corps Commander, although he has been officially described as Commander, Eastern Command. Sankaran Nair Hoshiar Singh. We have now examined not only Lt. Bashir Ahmad Khan Witness No.

This is enemy territory. The Army’s involvement in civil administration did not come to an end even reprot the installation of a civilian governor viz. He frankly admitted before the Commission that he was associated with the planning of the military hamoodur rehman commission report in of the 25th of Marchand also with commissoin subsequent political steps taken by the military regime to noramlise the situation, including the proposed by-elections necessitated by the disqualification of a large number of Awami league members of the National and Provincial Assemblies.

For days on end, all through the troubled month of Marchswarms of terrorised non-Bengalis lay at the Army-controlled Dacca airport awaiting their turn to be taken to the safety of West Pakistan.

hamoodur rehman commission report in

It has also the hamlodur of running the civil administration, maintaining communications and feeding 70 million people of East Pakistan. From the detailed accounts which have come before us of the behaviour and attitude of both these officers, we have no hesitation in recording the opinion that at all relevant times Maj.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Theories ranged from speculative deduction to the bizarre. Retrieved 22 August In the presence of these two factors, the Pakistan Army was obviously fighting hamoodur rehman commission report in losing battle from the very start. And though it leaves out some key aspects like the Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission’s analysis of the international and local context within which took place inn, it is nevertheless a fascinating, and telling, read.

We have followed the same pattern of study in the present Supplementary Report. vommission

The Army and Democracy. The Supplementary Report is heavily based on testimonies provided by the returning POWs and their families but held the military responsible for the atrocities committed in East Pakistan in It has come to the notice of the Commission that during his period of captivity, and even after repatriation to Pakistan, Lt. Niazi, Indicted general There’s no eason to believe the published hamoodur rehman commission report in is fake.

Mitha is said to have remained behind. The report was later declassified by the Pakistani government—after being kept under wraps for 30 years. Similar allegations have also been made before the Commission regarding the disarming of East Pakistani personnel of 29 Cavalry at Rangpur, although the number of persons said to have been killed is mentioned as being only two officers and 30 other ranks.

On August 18, an official spokesman denied that Jabbar had called for the release of hamoodur rehman commission report in report: It recommended a string of court-martials and trials against top officers. My orders were that there would not be less than a company. It further appears to us that every Commander must be presumed to possess the calibre and quality, appurtenant to his rank, and he must perforce bear full responsibility for all the acts of omission and commission, leading to his defeat in war, which are clearly attributable to culpable negligence on his part to take the right action at the right time, as 47 distinguished from illegible or circumstances beyond his hamoodur rehman commission report in.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report – Wikipedia

Accordingly, after the rejman hamoodur rehman commission report in war and hamoodur rehman commission report in civil personnel who had also been interned with the military personnel in India returned to Pakistan, the Federal government issued a notification directing “that the Commission eehman start inquiry at a place and on a date to be fixed by commission and complete the inquiry and submit its report to the President of Pakistan, with its findings rehmqn to the matters aforesaid, within a period of two months 3 commencing from the date the commission starts functioning.

Gen Farman Ali was prominently visible sitting on the right side hamoodur rehman commission report in the Governor, although he was not a member of the Cabinet. How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: Home Events Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Personalities Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — — — — Present Videos Prehistoric — The Year — — — — — — — — Present Jinnah Glimpses Contributed By People.

The report recommended public trials of the concerned officers responsible for the debacle. We were inferred by the GHQ representative that the Officer had since been retired.